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Invitation to give a presentation at the itSMF Conference
“Mission imPossible: Today’s IT challenges – tomorrow’s business success”

Focusing on the synergies between IT and business, the itSMF conference is perhaps Norway’s biggest experience exchange forum in the field of IT Service Management. This is where skilled IT service providers and their clients from all over Norway meet to share their experiences and provide input on how to provide profitable and effective IT services. We are pleased to see that the conference continues to grow and that the feedback we get is positive.

The theme of the 2020 conference is “Mission imPossible: Today’s IT challenges – tomorrow’s business success”. Technology is advancing at breakneck speed and there is no shortage of challenges facing IT services suppliers. We want to focus on how IT and the business community can meet these challenges together in a way that promotes wealth generation both for the businesses and their end-users.

We want presentations with a practical focus, preferably including real examples and personal experiences. In particular, we want to hear about your experiences of the challenges that you dealt with – both your successes, and also about projects that perhaps didn’t go so well. We will give priority to joint presentations in which speakers from the IT and business communities share the platform.

We are most interested in presentations on the following themes:

User stories and experiences: Presentations about specific measures you have carried out, projects implemented, initiatives launched that are currently in progress, and stories about how you met the challenges you faced.

Practical application of frameworks and methods: Do you have your own DevOps teams? Adapted ITIL processes? A SIAM approach to subcontractor management? Proactive use of Lean to promote continuous improvement? Value streams from IT4IT? Do you use alternative methods and frameworks?

Trends and innovations: New and exciting technologies mature fast and what was science fiction just a few years ago is now being applied more and more extensively. We’re talking about AI-based services, autonomous units, robotisation and automation, IoT, digital twins, Mixed Reality, Bio-tech, Blockchain, and much more. How can these innovations help us in the future? How are they being applied today?

Management and collaboration: Only people make things happen. We want to hear about the human factor: skills and cultural development, change management, participation, cross-disciplinary collaborations and role development, etc.

We are seeking to schedule presentations of both 20 and 40 minutes duration, and we encourage all speakers to summarise their talks in the form of two or three key points.

In 2020 we also want as many speakers as possible to make themselves available for a period following their presentations so that delegates have the opportunity to discuss the topic face to face. We will send more information about the practical aspects closer to the conference date.

Pre-conference event on 2 March
The ever more popular pre-conference event will be held on 2 March. We are looking for suggestions for workshops focusing on practical exercises and real learning. Do you have a suggestion or a request for a workshop topic? Don’t hesitate to send it to us!

• A biography of the speaker(s)
• Contact information for the speaker(s) (e-mail/telephone no.)
• The title of the presentation
• Duration: 20 or 40 minutes (including Q&A)
• The technical level of the presentation (basic or advanced)
• A 50-100 word summary of the presentation.

Deadline: Your suggestions must reach us no later than 20 September 2019

The committee will select suggestions that best fit into an integrated conference programme. Priority will be given to presentations from user organisations and those featuring practical examples and personal experiences. Service providers are encouraged to give presentations jointly with their clients.

Speakers will be given a discount on their conference ticket.
If you have any questions, please contact: Silje Endsjø, tel. (+47) 919 01 087
Read more about itSMF Norway at

Send us your suggestions for presentations or speakers!
Help us find the best speakers! If you have attended an outstanding presentation that you would like to see in the programme, or if you know of anyone who has some exciting work to share, send us an e-mail!

If you want to contribute to the conference, fill out the form below or send an e-mail to itSMF Norway:

Invitation to exhibitors and sponsors at the itSMF Conference 2020

Perhaps Scandinavia’s largest conference for IT Service Management will be held at the Clarion Hotel Oslo Airport on Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 March 2020.

This is an invitation to organisations to be exhibitors and sponsors at the itSMF Conference 2020. Next year’s conference will be the 18th in succession and, following a period of falling attendances, we are pleased to report that the trend of recent years has been reversed. Delegate numbers at the 2019 conference were greater than in 2018, and feedback from delegates indicated that it was regarded as one of the best itSMF conferences ever. Our aim in 2020 is to continue this trend, both in terms of quality and attendance.

In terms of content we will be following the same trend as during the last conference and maintaining our focus on the interplay between IT service providers and businesses, and on how we can work together to meet our shared future wealth generation challenges. We want a programme full of stories from IT users and practical approaches as to how IT can help businesses succeed.

We want our exhibitors and sponsors to benefit from the investments they make in the conference by facilitating effective visibility and opportunities for interaction and dialogue between exhibitors and delegates. Experience from previous conferences indicates that delegates want to see exhibitors who are active, enthusiastic and with something real to present or demonstrate. As a rule, exhibitors that actively involve delegates score highest in post-conference delegate surveys.

Our aim is that the exhibition area shall be attractive to both exhibitors and delegates for mingling and networking – providing great opportunities to mix with potential partners and suppliers. A key to the exhibition’s success is the popular barista bar with its standing height tables and bar stools, located in the centre of the exhibition area. Offering free premium coffee, it attracts a large number of delegates to the exhibition area during each break.

In 2020 we also want to launch an Open Spaces concept where delegates can get together to discuss different topics, perhaps linked to a specific presentation with the speaker present. Naturally, suppliers will also be welcome to participate here, allowing them to demonstrate their skills and expertise while at the same time contributing to the debate and building networks. We will be sending details about this closer to the conference date.

The Exhibitor Quiz is a game played on sheets of paper distributed to all delegates. Each exhibitor sends itSMF a question with four possible responses. Participants in the quiz have to visit each exhibitor stand to find the possible answers. All partnership sponsors and exhibitors are encouraged to submit a prize. At the end of the conference winners will be drawn from among the delegates.

New in 2020!

Exhibitor package: In 2020 we have chosen to dispense with the Main Sponsor concept. The main differences to the exhibitor packages include the number of complementary delegates, stand spacearea and visibility/publicity. The packages will also provide exhibitors with opportunities for better visibility based on their level of activity in the exhibition area.

Customer organisations: Experience from the 2019 conference indicated that delegates noticed and appreciated the presence of customer organisation stands, that is, exhibitors that were not primarily taking part simply to offer their systems or services. So for 2020 we are sending an open invitation for a limited number of customer organisations, enabling them to promote their own activities as exhibitors in the exhibition area.

The conference target group includes all those working in businesses that make use of IT services:

• Executive and middle managers, decision-makers and others whose business it is to get value from IT
• Key personnel from IT operations and service development
• IT service providers from both the public and private sectors
• All those interested in developing their IT Service Management skills
• All those who want to meet like-minded people and share experiences

For the 2020 conference, we are offering three distinct sponsor packages: Partnership Sponsors, Exhibitors and Customer Organisations.
Allocation of Partnership Sponsor and Exhibitor packages is made on a first-come first-served registration basis.

Partnership Sponsor – NOK 40,000 (supplier members) or NOK 45,000 (non-members)
Supplier organisations
• Display of company logo on the conference website at
• A stand measuring approx. 2×4 m (approx. 6 sq. m)
• Partnership Sponsors will have shared access to group meeting rooms
• Visibility on information screens during the conference. Two PowerPoint slides with optional content (loop displays on screens during the conference)
• Three delegate entitlements to attend the conference and staff a stand, excluding conference banquet and accommodation
• The list of delegates, including names, company affiliation and position, as appropriate. Please note that this only applies to delegates who have given their prior consent to inclusion on the list
• Advertising of the stand in itSMF’s newsletter and on social media (Once per channel)
• Exhibitor Quiz

Exhibitor – NOK 20,000 (supplier members) or NOK 25,000 (non-members)
Supplier organisations
• Display of company logo on the conference website at
• A stand measuring approx. 2x2m (approx. 4 sq. m.)
• Visibility on information screens during the conference. A PowerPoint slide with optional content (loop displays on screens during the conference)
• Two delegate entitlements to attend the conference and staff a stand, excluding conference banquet and accommodation
• The list of delegates, including names, company affiliation and position, as appropriate. Please note that this only applies to delegates who have given their prior consent to inclusion on the list
• Exhibitor Quiz

Customer organisations – NOK 10,000 (supplier members) or NOK 15,000 (non-members)
• Customer organisations (non-commercial suppliers of ITSM-related products and services)
• Display of company logo on the conference website at
• A stand measuring approx. 2x2m (approx. 4 sq. m.) without partition walls. (Will be allocated stand space after partnership sponsors and other exhibitors)
• One delegate entitlement to attend the conference and staff a stand, excluding conference banquet and accommodation
• The list of delegates, including names, company affiliation and position, as appropriate. Please note that this only applies to delegates who have given their prior consent to inclusion on the list
• Exhibitor Quiz

The following can be purchased in addition:
• Reserved table at the conference banquet: NOK 2,000 per table
• Larger stand space:
2 sq. m.: NOK 5,000
4 sq. m.: NOK 10,000
• Space in the centre of the exhibition area, e.g., for a sofa/sofa suite/office accessories:
4 sq. m.: NOK 5,000 (limited space)
6 sq. m.: NOK 10,000 (limited space)
• Roll-up on the main platform (NOK 5,000 per day) (Note! Limited space)
• Roll-up on the main platform (NOK 2,500 per day) (Note! Limited space)
• Sponsor the Keynote presentation (in consultation with the programme committee)
• Sponsor all or part of the conference banquet

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Download the contract

Tel.: +47 41 38 97 70

Kind regards
itSMF Norway




A large proportion of private and public sector organisations are now employing IT Service Management as the foundation of their service provision. Since 2003, the IT Service Management Forum (itSMF) in Norway has organised conferences on an annual basis with ever-increasing attendance figures. The conference is the largest IT Service Management forum in Scandinavia, and enjoys widespread recognition and interest from around the world.


Interest in ITSM is on the increase, and the conference now offers keynote presentations, sessions and debates on issues such as DevOpS, agile methodologies and service management. There is better focus on the link between business and IT than in the past. This means that the conference will offer something of value to both business and IT professionals.


March 4th to 6th 2019 at the Clarion Hotel Oslo Airport.

Getting to the hotel
By train
Airport train (express train) from Oslo S to
Oslo Airport, Gardermoen.

From Oslo Airport, Gardermoen
Airport shuttle service, take bus 44 that stops right outside the arrivals hall (8 minutes). Please note that tickest cost 70 NOK per person each way. Children up to the age of 16 travel for free.

By taxi
We recommend Øvre Romerike Taxi.
The journey from the airport to the hotel
costs NOK 295.
You’ll find the taxis in the arrivals hall.


The conference dinner with award presentations and entertainment will be held in the “Luftrommet” on Tuesday 5 March at 7.45 p.m. Dress code: Smart (Or Queen-related)


There is a binding registration. If you are prevented from attending, another representative from the same organisation may attend in your place.