How to face the Digital Sustainability challenge

Antonina Klentsovaa

Lead editor of ITIL 4 Sustainabiliity in Digital & IT

Om foredraget

Sustainability is an important, exciting, challenging, ambiguous and inspiring topic. Actually, not a topic – a set of actions!  But what are the actions?  

What are the top five sustainability challenges for digital and IT organizations? What are the major sustainability opportunities?  Sustainability policy and legislation –  what should you know about them? Which sustainability concepts, tools, and methods can we use to make digital products and services more sustainable? How do we measure sustainability? Are we sustainable enough? 

This presentation is for organizations at any stage of their sustainability journey – whether you are starting up or already running sustainability initiatives.  We will also look at some successful examples, where we can we get inspiration and inspire to action:  What shall I, you, we do next? 

3 key take-aways

  • Key sustainability challenges for digital business 
  • Major sustainability tools digital organizations should know about and use 
  • Inspiration to act 

Om Antonina Klentsovaa

Digital sustainability leader, organization & relationship system coach, and ApplyArt method creator. She enables international business development through digital, sustainable transformation and product development.

In 2019 she was a co-author of ITIL 4: Drive Stakeholder Value, and various ITIL 4 practices. In 2020 she was honoured to join the Axelos team as lead editor for the ITIL 4 publication: “Sustainability in Digital and IT”.

She has lived, studied, and worked in seven countries including Norway, and been cooperating with Tieto, WarGaming, MenuMe Guide, Turkcell group, BiXBiT, SOFTSWISS and others. Antonina present herself: “I consider myself a global citizen and aim to contribute to our common better future, no matter where we live.»

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