Shaping the digital revolution towards smart green fair and global growth

Carlota Perez

Researcher, lecturer, international speaker and consultant

Om foredraget

In the last 250 years a pattern emerges: Progress occurs by successive technological revolutions that bring a leap in productivity and transform the world economy. But the process is not smooth. The first decades are turbulent, with booms and crashes, destroying and creating jobs, skills and industries. It is a time of massive experimentation that can hurt many, bringing resentment populism and division. It is in the golden ages that follow that society fully benefits from the potential of the new technologies. Such golden ages have been win-win games between business and society orchestrated by governments. They provided common directions for innovation and investment, and they set the stage for fairer growth.  Will we do it again with the information revolution? 

Om Carlota Perez

British-Venezuelan scholar specialised in the social and economic impact of major waves of technical change. Author of the influential book Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital: The Dynamics of Bubbles and Golden Ages, she is currently Honorary Professor at IIPP-UCL, at SPRU, University of Sussex and at TalTech, Estonia. She is also Academic in Residence at Anthemis UK. As consultant she has worked for major corporations, business associations, governments, and international organizations.

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