How to unite agile service and product management

Christian F. Nissen

Senior consultant, CFN Consult

Om foredraget

These years, organizations transform their application lifecycle from plan-driven project-oriented practices to agile product management and DevOps. Meanwhile, other parts of the organization strive to introduce agile service management. But often, these initiatives are decoupled, and the full potential is missed. This presentation will present a simple operating model uniting the approaches.

  • How do your organization unite agile product management and agile service management?
  • How do you build a simple operating model based on end-to-end value streams?
  • How do you, in practice, tear down the wall between the traditional development and operations domains

Om Christian F. Nissen

Christian has more than 35 years of experience in IT, especially with IT service management and Information Security. He has a long-proven track record from over 150 of the largest private and public organizations in Denmark. He has contributed to the development of both ITIL and COBIT best practice.

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