ITIL 4 for the digital age

Roman Zhuravlev

ITIL 4 architect and development manager, Axelos / PeopleCert

Om foredraget

In this session Roman will tell about how the ITIL framework has been aligned to the new reality of IT and service management in a fast changing world. He will also give an overview of the framework, and an update of the latest news. 

WorkshopHow digital transformation enables sustainable development  

As the environments in which we operate continue to evolve and present new challenges, organizations are considering the social and environmental impacts of their operations. With the IT space projected to be responsible for up to 20% of global energy consumption by 2030*, (* ‘Tsunami of data’ could consume one fifth of global electricity by 2025, The Guardian) business leaders and professionals are proactively looking for ways to tackle this challenge.  
Sustainability cannot be limited to environmental considerations; it involves economic and social aspects as well.  

In this workshop we will look at how to use digital technology to enable and support sustainable development? How to ensure that IT products and services meet the sustainability requirements?  
The new ITIL4 module offers some answers to these questions, covering both product/service, business and operating models, and relationships with third parties. Roman Zhuravlev who worked on the publication, will tell why and how it was created and how it can help organizations to achieve their sustainability goals.  

Om Roman Zhuravlev

Roman has been working in ITSM since 2002 as a practitioner, consultant, trainer and author. After joining Axelos in 2016, Roman works on continual development of ITIL. He is an ITIL 4 architect, co-author, and reviewer.

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