In the Age of AI, Empathy is More Important than Ever

Federico Lozano

Founder & CEO: Pracademy / Asst. Professor of Innovation: NTNU, UiB, NHH

Om foredraget

There’s no denying that AI is a radically disruptive technology — we’d be foolish to ignore it.  Instead of seeing it as a threatening job killer, though, we should experience it as a tremendous opportunity to focus and thrive on what truly makes us human:  our capacity to connect deeply with one another.

Om Federico Lozano

Fede Lozano is the father of a multicultural seven-year-old girl and husband to a proud Bergen native. His wife and child have beautiful, angelic voices. He does not. When not with family, Fede loves to interact with, learn from, and facilitate teams of students. He teaches business whiz kids at the Norwegian School of Economics, proud engineering geeks at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and brainy medical doctors at the University of Bergen. Fede currently leads Pracademy, one of Norway’s top innovation-training firms, which works with firms like Telenor, DNB, Wilhelmsen, Skatteetaten, and NRK.
He also recently founded Die Before You Die, a nonprofit that enables people to design lives of meaning.

Fede earned his MBA at Stanford University where he was awarded the Social Innovation Fellowship. Stanford invested a big chunk of money in one of his startups, which soon failed spectacularly. Fede’s ego took a blow as a result, and he became a tiny bit better human. He’s addicted to outrageously spicy food and on May 6th, 2021, he died four times (not from the spicy food).

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